Consider This an Invitation

This photo got me thinking. Only 24 percent? Really?

We’re finding weird new exoplanets every day – hell, NASA hasn’t even ruled out the possibility that there could be life on Europa and Titan, two moons in our own solar system – yet so many people have lost faith in space’s limitless potential to surprise us.

But we’re entering an age when that potential is no longer the exclusive domain of first-world governments and media conglomerates. The fact that we even have a contest like Google’s X Prize proves that independent space exploration is becoming a very real possibility for each one of us.

The question isn’t whether a private company is going to mount an alien-hunting expedition – it’s who’s gonna be the first to try?

Crazy? Of course it’s crazy! Every awesome expedition is!

So what do you guys say? I say it’s possible if we put our resources and our heads together. Even if we don’t find E.T., we’ll have one hell of a story to tell our grandkids.

4 thoughts on “Consider This an Invitation

  1. I think the word “aliens” might have thrown people off in the survey, and why the results seem shocking to you.

    Aliens imply something bizarre, out of a science fiction story, when it’s really….an alternate life form universe, no?

    1. A couple people have pointed this out to me, so you could very well be right.

      But even if that’s the reason people say they don’t believe, it’s still a misunderstanding I think could be corrected if we had more exciting space exploration projects to get them involved in.

      As Douglas Adams said, the universe is a very, very big place – sometimes it’s easy for us to forget how unbelievably weird a place it is.

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