“Mindfulness and Other Neurotechnologies” – Podcast 17: John Vervaeke

Ben is joined by John Vervaeke, a researcher who finds ways to integrate and synthesize information across a wide range of fields: neural stimulation technology, mindfulness meditation, altered states of consciousness… and helps researchers from all these fields discover common … Continue reading “Mindfulness and Other Neurotechnologies” – Podcast 17: John Vervaeke

“Hallucination, Imagination, Dreams & Drugs” — Podcast 8: Oliver Sacks

On Episode 8 of the Connectome podcast, Ben talks with Oliver Sacks, renowned neuroscientist and author of such books as The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Musicophilia and Hallucinations. In particular, Sacks joins us to talk about some patients of his who’ve been hallucinating strange varieties of musical notation. But musical hallucinations are only the beginning – Sacks also shares his insights on dreams, hallucinogenic drugs, selfhood, and plenty of other phenomena that make subjective experience so mysterious. Whether you’re new to Dr. Sacks’ work or a lifelong fan of his writing, this interview raises some consciousness-related … Continue reading “Hallucination, Imagination, Dreams & Drugs” — Podcast 8: Oliver Sacks

“Senses That Bleed” — Podcast 5: David Eagleman

Ben chats with David Eagleman, author of the international bestseller Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain. Eagleman’s lab mainly studies the ways our brains encode sensory perceptions – but as you’ll hear, he’s also fascinated by questions on the nature of consciousness, synesthesia, meaning and representation, and even the potential development of new human senses. Eagleman starts by talking about his new paper on overlearned sequences (word lists like days of the week or months of the year), but he also describes some findings in a 2009 paper he authored. Both papers are available for free online, and they’re … Continue reading “Senses That Bleed” — Podcast 5: David Eagleman

“Consciousness, Dreams & Drugs” — Podcast 2

On the second Connectome podcast, Ben muses about three of the hottest topics in neuroscience today: what “consciousness” might be, how it relates to dreams, and how drugs can play some strange tricks on that relationship. Enjoy, and feel free to email us questions and suggestions for next time!   (Produced by Devin O’Neill) Continue reading “Consciousness, Dreams & Drugs” — Podcast 2

Neuroscience Friends!

I’ve just returned from a thrilling weekend at the BIL Conference in Long Beach, California (yes, the pun on “TED” is very intentional) where I met all kinds of smart, fun people – including lots of folks who share my love for braaaiiins! So I thought I’d introduce you guys to some of the friends I made. I think you’ll be as surprised – and as excited – as I am. Backyard Brains Their motto is “neuroscience for everyone” – how cool is that? They sell affordable kits that let you experiment at home with the nervous systems of insects … Continue reading Neuroscience Friends!