Musical Matchups

Our brains process music via different sensory pathways depending on what we think its source is, a new study finds. As our brains organize information from our senses into a coherent representation of the world around us, they’re constantly hard at work associating data from one sense – say, sight – with data from another – say, hearing. A lot of the time, this process is pretty straightforward – for instance, if we see a man talking and hear a nearby male voice, it’s typically safe for our brains to assume the voice “goes with” the man’s lip movements. But it’s also not too … Continue reading Musical Matchups

Sensory Fluidity

What do you think it’d be like to see a smell? Or to feel an electromagnetic field? In the last few posts, I’ve talked a lot about the differences between the synthesized concept of a self, and the raw subjective experience of being oneself in the present moment. I’ve also explored some of the boundaries and dimensions of selfhood. But this all leaves a question that’s nagged at my mind for years: what exactly is subjective experience? It’s simple enough to say that my perceptions of reality (both external and internal) are represented by coordinated patterns of activity in my … Continue reading Sensory Fluidity